Exel Computer Systems Pond Creation Project

In early 2020 we were invited to create a Wildlife Pond in the grounds of Exel Computer Systems plc in Long Eaton, and we were happy to oblige.  Exel supplied the materials and plants (and hospitality - thank you Louise!) and we provided the expertise and manpower.

18th February 2020

The first dig.  It had been raining for days previously.  The field was waterlogged and we had to set up a plank bridge to get to the dig site without being submerged.  Down the road in Sawley the River Trent had burst it's banks and water was flooding across the road.  People we keeping a nervous eye on the flood defense wall a few hundred yards away.  For a while we thought the pond was going to be much bigger than we were planning!

High-precision plan of the project


Digging around the marked outline.  Notice the waterlogging in the field!


Phil and Andrew labouring


No doubt who the boss of this job is!


27th May 2020

More extreme weather followed and the national lock down had prevented us returning sooner, but this time it couldn't have been more different.  There was bright sunshine and the conditions were ideal.  We were able to finish the digging, install the underlay and the liner and even fill with water!


Digging complete


The underlay helps to protect the liner from being punctured by sharp stones


The weight of the water will flatten out any creases in the liner


The slope and boulders should ensure that anything that goes into the water should be able to walk out, no matter how big or small


Filling up using a small hosepipe from a single tap 200 yards away took hours!


Have a break Nigel


That'll do for today. Good job!


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